#26 From an off line burnout to an online burnout? The new normal?

Yes I admit. I also follow webinars and do onlinecoachings. My business drastically decreased in the corona-crisis, so I had to do something…No? However, after two weeks of lock down I realised that a full time online business, sitting behind a computer, starring at a zillion faces, receiving a massive amount of new input would not serve me well. On the contrary.

Therefor I decided to limit my computer  work to 4 hours a day.

Instead I use the rest of the time to reflect, to read a book, to learn the old fashion way, to write and take care of myself with good food, excercises and discovering my artistic talents.

So I can be of better service later to continue my passion: discovering and revealing the talents and purposes of the (new) leading generations. Secondly to inspire entrepreneurs and leaders with ‘hot’ topics in podcasts, blogs and interviews with passionate and ‘meaningfull’ persons. What a sense of relief I felt when I allowed myself this freedom.

Nevertheless I see and hear so many people getting tired looking at there computerscreens all day. Is this the new normal, I wander?

Are we creating an online burnout epidemic?  

Add a permanent hunger for news on the Coronasituation by looking at the media all day long… which creates a lot of fear and you have the perfect recepy for an online burnout.

A manager told me her boss forced her to attend a weekly online meeting for a complete day! Can you image, whitout any adaption so ever. It was a copy paste of a bad offline meeting to an even worse online meeting. She was dead in the evening. Again is this the new normal?

There is nothing wrong with using online tools.

They are a great asset, that is if you use them wisely. Never forget that they can not replace any human contact. Therefor he/she is a wise leader who really takes the time to reflect how to organise his future working conditions.

Make the meetings short, make sure your staff has enough time away from the screen and take care of ‘the personal touch’. Pick up the phone and call, do it the old fashion way!

Let’s deeply question how we want to proceed with online-working.

Luckely the measurements of the goverment allow me now to resume my activities as before, go out in nature with beautiful people! Together with online sessions it makes a perfect combination.

I feel very grateful to have found my balance in this changing times. How do you integrate your online presence for yourself or your compagny?

My screen timer is telling me I have 15 minutes left (out of 4 hours). Time to post this blog, close the computer and go outside for a relaxing walk.

Stijn Staes